Vibration analysis

Our competitive environment calls for greater equipment reliability at lower operating costs.

These needs require innovative, proven and practical solutions that can be quickly implemented to produce fast cost savings. Vibration analysis has become the preferred choice among all non-destructive methods. And it has been established that a vibration signature of a running. equipment provides more detailed information on internal components condition than infrared or electrical non-destructive methods.

The Trane vibration analysis allows you to switch from ‘run to failure’ mode to a more predictive maintenance mode avoiding the high costs involved with emergency repairs and minimizing expenses associated with equipment downtime. Increasing the operating reliability by improving the Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) lowers your repair bills

Vibration analysis results

Like a doctor who takes care of his patient for an examination, our experts will look after your equipment. They know it perfectly and will deeply and carefully monitor every single essential part. Like stethoscopes, very sensitive sensors are installed in carefully selected places. The smallest deviation or any abnormal behavior are detected and recorded. Like an electrocardiogram, vibration spectrum of your equipment illustrate its internal condition. These graphs are simply and clearly explained to you.

To help you further, we will provide you recommendations in terms of maintenance scheduling. If the vibration analysis report indicates an imminent compressor fault, then we will advise you how to plan for a scheduled compressor renewal.