Automatic Tube Cleaning

Trane Care customized service solutions for building owners address operating performance, energy efficiency and environment concerns.

Automatic tube cleaning is the key to keeping heat exchangers operating at peak efficiency.

Trane automatic tube cleaning – the benefits:

• Improved operating efficiency: the chiller continuously operates at optimum efficiency, leading to lower energy use and consequent cost reduction.

• Extended chiller life cycle: increasing return on investment, because the compressor never operates beyond its design limits and because condenser tube corrosion is eliminated.

• No chiller downtime: the automatic tube cleaning system keeps the condenser tubes permanently clean while the chiller is operating.

• Low cleaning system operating costs: the sponge balls used in the automatic tube cleaning system are the only consumables needing to be replaced.

• Lower water treatment costs: water treatment is only required to prevent scaling of ancillary equipment, leading to cost savings of as much as 50% of the cost of chemicals used for water treatment.

• Environment friendly: the automatic tube cleaning system uses no chemicals.