Compressor R’newal

The Trane R’newal service is conducted by highly qualified technicians.

The highest levels of attention and care are given to each compressor, using original specs and spare parts. Completed compressors regain‘as-new’ status, and are eligible for the Trane Select Contract. This complete portfolio of value-added services gives comprehensive coverage for your HVAC system. Your equipment will be inspected regularly, with preventive maintenance and accurate calibration.

Trane Building Advantage customized service solutions for building owners address operating efficiency, energy and environmental concerns. The Trane Renewal program is a comprehensive service solution designed to restore your chiller’s compressor performance.

and reliability to like-new levels.

The Renewal service restores your compressor to like-new specifications and operating condition:

• Thorough cleansing: after dismantling, all compressor parts undergo ultrasonic and high pressure cleaning at 90°C.

• Clearance measurements: detailed calibration of bores, rotors, shafts and capacity control system.

• Mechanical parts: grinding and polishing where necessary to restore optimal operation.

• Motor: thorough electrical tests, revarnishing or new replacement motor fitted.

• Original quality parts replacement: bearings, gaskets, non-return valve, capacity control valve, lip seal, motor terminals, impellers.

• Remounting: following original specifications for identical results.

• Packing: compressor is painted and packed for shipping to your site.

Equipment breakdown can have disastrous consequences. In human terms, it can mean discomfort to building tenants, leading to dissatisfaction and complaints. In financial terms, it can mean extensive repair or replacement costs. But with Trane Renewal, all this can be avoided.

Money savings

If you had to replace a failed motor or compressor, it would cost you twice as much as a Trane Renewal service. If you had to replace a complete water chiller this could cost up to 4 times as much as Renewal.

Maintenance savings

With Renewal you can avoid unplanned maintenance calls. Unexpected catastrophic failures are eliminated, since your compressor is returned to as-new condition.

Energy savings

With an as-new compressor, all equipment parts work at their optimal efficiency level. Which keeps energy costs to a minimum